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169.175 Vanilla extract.

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[Code of Federal Regulations]
[Title 21, Volume 2]
[Revised as of April 1, 2006]
From the U.S. Government Printing Office via GPO Access
[CITE: 21CFR169.175]

[Page 551-552]
                        TITLE 21--FOOD AND DRUGS
                          SERVICES (CONTINUED)
  Subpart B_Requirements for Specific Standardized Food Dressings and 
Sec.  169.175  Vanilla extract.

    (a) Vanilla extract is the solution in aqueous ethyl alcohol of the 
sapid and odorous principles extractable from vanilla beans. In vanilla 
extract the content of ethyl alcohol is not less than 35 percent by 
volume and the content of vanilla constituent, as defined in Sec.  
169.3(c), is not less than one unit per gallon. The vanilla constituent 
may be extracted directly from vanilla beans or it may be added in the 
form of concentrated vanilla extract or concentrated vanilla flavoring 
or vanilla flavoring concentrated to the semisolid form called vanilla 
oleo-resin. Vanilla extract may contain one or more of the following 
optional ingredients:
    (1) Glycerin.
    (2) Propylene glycol.
    (3) Sugar (including invert sugar).
    (4) Dextrose.
    (5) Corn sirup (including dried corn sirup).
    (b)(1) The specified name of the food is ``Vanilla extract'' or 
``Extract of vanilla''.
    (2) When the vanilla extract is made in whole or in part by dilution 
of vanilla oleoresin, concentrated vanilla extract, or concentrated 
vanilla flavoring, the label shall bear the statement ``Made from ------
'' or ``Made in part from ------'', the blank being filled in with the 
name or names ``vanilla oleoresin'', ``concentrated vanilla extract'', 
or ``concentrated vanilla flavoring'', as appropriate. If the article 
contains two or more units of vanilla constituent, the name of the food 
shall include the designation ``---fold'', the blank being filled in 
with the whole

[[Page 552]]

number (disregarding fractions) expressing the number of units of 
vanilla constituent per gallon of the article.
    (3) Wherever the name of the food appears on the label so 
conspicuously as to be easily seen under customary conditions of 
purchase, the labeling required by paragraph (b)(2) of this section 
shall immediately and conspicuously precede or follow such name, without 
intervening written, printed, or graphic matter.
    (c) Label declaration. Each of the ingredients used in the food 
shall be declared on the label as required by the applicable sections of 
parts 101 and 130 of this chapter.

[42 FR 14479, Mar. 15, 1977, as amended at 58 FR 2886, Jan. 6, 1993]

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Source: U.S. Code of Federal Regulations - CFR Title 21, Part 169, Section 175

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